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About Us

You surely know our professional occupation here at Painters Newmarket. We are painters. But do you know exactly what can we do for you? Or, why we are the team to call every time you want a painting job?

These are the things we are going to explain to you, apart from telling you a thing or two about our team. Are you ready?

The do-it-all painters in Newmarket

Everyone needs painters in Newmarket, Ontario. And you will be happy to know that whether you want your business or home painted, our team is at your service. We cover all needs and are ready for any job.

  •          Residential painting service
  •          Commercial/office painting
  •          Interior painting jobs
  •          Exterior painting projects
  •          Kitchen cabinets painting
  •          Interior decorative solutions
  •          1-day painting service

Simply put, you can trust our team whenever you need painting services in Newmarket, regardless of the project you want.

What makes our painting team unique?

About Us

With years in the residential and commercial painting business, we know that things don’t stay the same. People want different things too, especially in their indoor environment. And we assure you that we have the know-how, expertise, and updated knowledge to put all sorts of interior décor solutions on the table. To offer ideas about modern colors, textures, intricate patterns.

You can trust Painters Newmarket for much more than coloring walls. Let’s say that you want to decorate your living room with wallpaper or remove wallpaper, or get a stone accent wall. Wouldn’t it be great if you combine such décor ideas with painting?

How about the exterior? If you paint the walls, wouldn’t you want the fence and deck painted or stained as well? No problem. There’s no limit to any of that when you turn to us. Isn’t that splendid?

Why is our painting company the choice you can trust?

While the final superb result is the ultimate goal, our team’s intention is to make sure that the surface hidden under the paint is perfect. That’s what separates us from other painting companies.

Naturally, to achieve that, we focus on the meticulous preparation of all surfaces, particularly exterior ones and spots which have seen better days. No wonder you need the best painters, Newmarket’s most experienced pros for such jobs. Taking care of even small flaws requires great equipment and even greater skills – let alone if the surface’s damage is extensive or if we are talking about exterior walls.

With the best in Newmarket commercial and house painters, you don’t worry about anything at all. In fact, we do all things to perfection from the beginning – something which we consider vital if we want to deliver the utmost results. Let us explain.

The value of working with professional commercial or house painters

There is huge difference between surfaces indoors and outdoors, the condition of surfaces, the paints too. But in order for the paint to last for long and remain resistant, while beautifying the environment, it must be suitable for the brick, wood, drywall, metal, or any other material. And the surface must be well-prepped for the paint to look good. And the paint coating must have the feel and shade you simply adore. But don’t get concerned with all that. You know why? Because you have us.

With us, you get the consultation you seek and the exterior/interior painting service done in a proficient, very professional manner from start to end. That’s the value of working with us, the best in Newmarket painters. Want to have that experience firsthand? Let’s talk about your project.