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Brick Painting Newmarket

Booking brick painting with Newmarket ON specialists in this specific material takes a message or phone call to our company. When painted with care and precision, brick surfaces redefine spaces and add elegance. When painted diligently by knowledgeable pros, brick walls become extra resistant and strong. To get all that without paying a small fortune for the service, choose Painters Newmarket for the project.

Interior and exterior brick painting in Newmarket

Are you considering exterior brick painting in Newmarket, Ontario? Or, want a brick interior wall painted? Let us assure you. Our company is available for both projects. After all, we have vast experience in both house interior and exterior painting services and have been serving the residents of Newmarket for years.

Also, it doesn’t matter if this is a large or small surface, one or more brick walls. You can trust us with the brick wall painting project. Is there a stone wall in your home too and you are wondering if it can be painted too? Yes, you can book an interior stone wall painting service.

  •          Exterior brick painting. It makes sense to say that exterior surfaces are weathered. Brick walls are no exception. They usually get dirty and dented. They may lose their edge and the color may fade. These are, after all, the main reasons why most people want their brick exterior painted. Be sure that the pros address all imperfections, clean, and prep as needed, and then, paint brick walls with products suitable for both the material and the outdoor environment.
  •          Interior brick wall painting. Brick often covers one wall here and there inside the house, acting as an accent. Still, its style and color may become outdated. Brick gets dirty, especially if it’s around the fireplace. That’s why you want it painted. Or, you may want a brick wall painted just to change its color. No problem. Let’s talk about colors. It goes without saying that interior brick walls are still prepped thoroughly and painted with suitable finishing products.

Meticulous preparation for the best brick wall painting results

What we do first is send a pro to check the brick surface, talk with you, provide color recommendations, and offer an estimate. This way, you will know details about the brick wall painting service in order to decide what to do. There’s no charge for the estimate and consultation. There’s no obligation either. So, go ahead and make an appointment.

Newmarket painters come over as agreed and fully prepared for the job. They prep the area and the surface, focusing on details to ensure the brick surface is perfected before painted. This is paramount for long-lasting and effective painting. They use paints formulated specifically for brick surfaces and thus, ensure fantastic painting results while allowing the surface to breathe while, at the same time, protecting it.

We have experience with brick painting services. All painters appointed to such projects are familiar with all types of bricks and both exterior and interior painting services, ensuring excellence from the prep phase to the brick’s sealing. Why take chances with brick painting when Newmarket experts are standing right by your side? Contact us.