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Door Painting Newmarket

Painting home doors in Newmarket, Ontario, just became a breeze. All you need to do is assign the needed door painting Newmarket service to our company. Whether you want one or multiple doors painted, the job can be done as soon as you need it and will be completed above your expectations. Is it time to change the looks of your doors, making them stronger and more resistant, at the same time? If so, contact Painters Newmarket.

Door painting in Newmarket homes

Newmarket door painting experts are at your service. The project may involve painting exterior and/or interior doors – all of them, some of them, or just one of them.

  •          Front door painting. As is often the case, front doors take a lot of beating while at the same time, are expected to remain resilient, durable, and beautiful. If your front door is okay but could look better and could use an uplift that will make it stronger, it’s time to paint it. You can choose different colors for the inner and outer side, if you want.
  •          Exterior doors painting. Let us point out that all exterior doors can be painted – from patio doors to side and back doors.
  •          Interior door painting. One way to change the home interior’s appearance is to paint interior doors. It’s often best to choose the same color for all doors to create architectural consistency. Of course, you may have just one or two doors painted, if you want. That’s usually the case when some doors show signs of wear, often due to moisture.
  •          Garage door painting. Whether you have one or several garage doors, they can be painted. That’s one way to protect their material and refresh their appearance. From metal to wooden garage doors, all materials are painted.
  •          Cabinet doors painting. The doors of cabinets are used often and may wear over time, especially in the kitchen. Even more, if we are talking about kitchen cabinetry close to the stove. If it’s not time to replace the cabinets but they still need a facelift, they can be painted.

If it’s time to paint house doors, it’s also time to contact us

All types of doors can be painted – from French doors to sliding doors and swing doors. From fiberglass and metal to vinyl and wood, all materials are painted too. And they are painted with suitable coatings.

The door painting service involves several phases and all phases are completed to a T. The pros start by prepping the doors. Possible cracks and dents are addressed. The door is scraped, cleaned, and sanded based on the material’s requirements to become as smooth as required for the perfect adhesion of the coatings. Once the surface is perfected, the primer and paint are applied.

Doors and door casings are painted expertly, on time, and on budget. If you wish to paint house doors and want the utmost results, turn to our team. Our experience speaks volumes about the service’s results. Our commitment makes a difference. Should we now focus on your project? Let’s talk about your doors. If it’s time for door painting, Newmarket experts are at your service.