Painting Services Newmarket

Exterior House Painting

Are your exterior walls pretty damaged and you think it’s time to have them painted? Make the exterior house painting Newmarket project hassle-free for you by assigning it to us. With huge experience in such projects, our painting company ensures your peace of mind. All parts of your exterior – walls, fences, siding, can be painted and will be painted to last for long, make an impression, protect against the elements, bring a smile to your face – every day. Should we see what you can expect from our team here at Painters Newmarket?

Newmarket exterior house painting to meet all needs

Exterior House Painting Newmarket

Feel free to contact us for your exterior house painting in Newmarket, Ontario, in spite of what exactly you need. This may be a big or small house, an apartment building, or a project that may only involve the walls of the structure. Have no worries at all. We are here for the painting service you want, fully prepared to make the entire exterior or parts of it resistant, healthy, beautiful. What the service may include?

  •          Walls, siding, fascia
  •          Patios & decks
  •          Fences & railings
  •          All materials, from wood and brick to stucco and aluminum
  •          Extensive prep work – from power washing to sanding and repairing

Exterior painting: how it gets started

It all starts with you making contact with our company to say what you need and this is followed with us sending an exterior painting contractor to your home. You surely want an estimate. Don’t you? We do that once the contractor talks with you, checks your exterior and what needs to be done, inspects the materials and the condition of the surfaces. Do you want to start with this appointment and take it from there?

The exterior painters come fully equipped to do the job right from the start

Come service day, each exterior painter of the team is completely ready to do his part. Whether you want the entire exterior or just sections of it painted, there’s a lot to be done. As you likely know, all exterior surfaces in Newmarket suffer a lot due to the climate alone – let alone natural wear and impact.

And so, the whole team puts all hands-on deck and each home painter plays his part aiming at creating surfaces smooth and fully prepared for the final finish. To accomplish that, the painters clean, repair, wash, sand, scrape, prime and when the surface is perfect and fully prepped, they paint. No wonder the professionalism and qualifications of each exterior house painter make a difference.

It’s important to pinpoint here that the paints are suitable for the material of the exterior surface, while the painters apply as many coatings are necessary for the best, long-lasting results.

With our exterior painting service team, you won’t recognize your home

All exterior painting services are given the attention they deserve, while the proper equipment and products are used in each project. With our company on your job, you enjoy excellent performance thanks to the quality of the paints and the skills of the painters. At the same time, you get guidance and color consultation – all the help you need from the start.

Nothing of the above is trivial. Painting exterior surfaces is not a joke either. All things – from the color you choose, the quality of the products, and the way the prep work is done to the expertise and commitment of the painters, matter. And here you are, reading these lines which means you are halfway towards getting started with your project. Want to really see it happening? Why don’t you make contact with our company? Simply say that you are interested in exterior house painting in Newmarket and we’ll take it from there. Sounds good?