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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Newmarket

Wish to change the look of your kitchen? Maybe, add a new color? Refresh its style? Perhaps, it’s now the right time to meet the best in Newmarket kitchen cabinet painting team. By having the cabinets painted, you can keep them for longer and still refresh the kitchen’s design without spending much. If this sounds intriguing to you, Painters Newmarket is prepared to serve.

We understand that many people decide to paint cabinets for different reasons. There’s often a need for kitchen cabinet refinishing due to paint cracks and damage. Have no worries. We’ve got you covered. Take a minute to see how useful our painting company can be.

We take over any kitchen cabinet painting Newmarket project

Are you looking for a team that specializes in kitchen cabinet painting in Newmarket, Ontario? You’ve got us. You can rely on our company no matter the project.

  •          We take over big and small jobs. You can rely on us for the cabinet painting project no matter how large the kitchen is.
  •          As experienced house painters, we ensure the best results irrespective of the cabinets’ material. We have experience with all materials and anything about the job – prepping, painting technique, finishing – is done according to the material’s requirements.
  •          You can mix & match painting jobs. Like painting cabinets along with crown molding and other kitchen trims. Or, painting cabinets along with the kitchen walls and ceiling.
  •          Overall, the service involves removing, prepping, painting, and installing kitchen cabinets.

Trust our team with any kitchen cabinet finishing service

People have different expectations and needs. At the same time, kitchen cabinets vary. Kitchen designs differ. And so, these projects vary a great deal. The good news is that we cover all needs.

  •          Kitchen Cabinet Repainting. People usually want their cabinets repainted when the existing coating is cracked, peeling, not-appealing, or when they want to change the color.
  •          Kitchen Cabinet Staining. More often than not, people want wooden cabinets stained so that they will continue to enjoy the timber’s grains while strengthening the material. Nowadays, stains are found in a variety of tint colors.
  •          Kitchen Cabinet Painting. Will this be the first cabinet painting job? There’s a chance that you want to change an ugly color or refresh the kitchen. Or, you may want to paint the kitchen cabinets to expand their lifespan and so avoid their replacement. It doesn’t matter. Our company is at your service no matter what your case is.

Prepping and finishing kitchen cabinets

Whether you want the kitchen cabinets painted or refinished, all surfaces are thoroughly prepped first. We give great emphasis in this stage to ensure that the cabinets become free of imperfections and smooth as needed for the paint to adhere well. Be sure that all stages, from removing the hardware and cabinets to prepping and finishing the surfaces and then putting all sections back, is seamlessly done. There’s no point in settling with anything less. Not when you have us by your side and prepared to take over. Should we talk about your Newmarket kitchen cabinet painting needs to offer a free estimate & consultation? Contact us with full confidence. There’s no obligation.