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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Reach our team if you are trying to find companies with expertise in popcorn ceiling removal in Newmarket, Ontario. Don’t you want to be certain the job is done safely and properly, from start to finish? Don’t you also want to be sure the substrate is thoroughly prepped and finished?

Our team at Painters Newmarket has experience with these projects. And puts all hands-on deck to ensure the entire project is done meticulously. This is vital, especially if you suspect that the popcorn ceiling is harmful. Why don’t you book a meeting with a contractor so that the pro will check the ceiling and inform you about the service – and all things about it, the cost included? Don’t you want to know how much it will cost you to have pros remove popcorn ceiling and paint?

Leave the popcorn ceiling removal in Newmarket to us

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Newmarket

Let us send an expert to inspect what’s needed for the popcorn ceiling removal. Newmarket experts are assigned to check such ceilings and inform the customer about the process, the cost, and all things related to the service.

The pros assigned to remove popcorn ceilings dress to be protected and work with the right tools and in the right manner for the quickest way to bring down the texture piece by piece. Let our team bring you peace of mind by saying that the room is prepped as needed so that the unavoidable dust and all particles that will fall won’t affect other areas of the house. And the debris is collected at the end of the job and removed from the house.

What follows the removal of this textured ceiling is the preparation and painting of the substrate. Whether the condition of the substrate is bad or there are only a few cracks and dents, the pros fill and fix them all to straighten all imperfections and make the surface perfect. Once this is done, the ceiling is painted the color of your liking.

Affordable rates for removing popcorn ceilings and finishing

The cost of removing popcorn ceiling and refinishing is reasonable. Be sure. And since you get a free estimate from the start – with no obligation, you will also have the time to think about it and get organized. The crucial part of it all is that the service is provided by pros who have removed a large number of popcorn ceilings over the years – hence, have the experience to do the job safely, properly, and correctly. And not only is the outdated – and possibly, harmful, ceiling out of your home but the new ceiling is stunning – painted to perfection.

There’s no need for you to wait any longer. If there’s a popcorn ceiling at your place, why take risks? Contact us and say that you want to book in Newmarket popcorn ceiling removal.