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Wallpaper Removal & Installation

Wallpaper Removal & Installation Newmarket

Available for wallpaper removal and installation in Newmarket, Ontario, our company can help you change your interior decoration without lifting a finger. We just need to talk with you to understand your needs and preferences. So, go ahead and make contact with Painters Newmarket.

We need to know what you need – your wallpaper removed and then, new wallpaper installed? Or, the wallpaper removed and then, the wall painted? In spite of what your case is, turn to our team. Why should you do that, you wonder? For various reasons:

  •          Our team covers all needs, from wallpaper installation to removal and wall painting.
  •          The service is provided as soon as needed and is completed with no wall damage.
  •          We have experience with wallpaper of any material – from traditional to woodchip, fabric, and any other in between. This ensures that any job, from wallpaper removal to installation is properly carried out.
  •          The cost of all services is reasonable.
  •          As experienced painters, we know how to handle wall flaws, ensuring that the surface is perfect before a new wallpaper is installed. Also, ensuring excellent interior wall painting results, just in case you don’t want another wallpaper installed.

In Newmarket, wallpaper removal and installation

Due to our company’s availability for wallpaper removal and installation, Newmarket homeowners can book any job they need.

  •          Wallpaper Removal. As mentioned above, we have experience with wallpaper made of any material. Whether this is classic wallpaper or fabric wallpaper, it’s properly removed. We are aware that it’s often hard to remove wallpaper, especially if it’s been on the wall for ages or it’s damaged. It’s also hard to remove when the wall was not primed before the wallpaper was once installed. But you shouldn’t worry. The pros have the tools and the expertise to remove wallpaper and do so quickly without causing wall damage.
  •          Wallpaper Installation. Due to our experience with all wallpaper materials, installations are completed flawlessly. Make a note that the wallpaper installer primarily focuses on prepping the wall. They usually have to fill holes and repair imperfections to even the surface. They also prime to make the removal of wallpaper tomorrow easier. They measure as required and then, hang wallpaper perfectly for the best aesthetic results.
  •          Wall painting. Do you want to remove wallpaper simply because you dislike such wall decorations? No worries. In such cases, the pros paint walls. They remove wallpaper and then, prep, prime, and paint the wall.

Whether you want new wallpaper or just the existing one gone and the wall painted, reach out to our company to get a quotation. Tell us what you want to learn the cost of the service and the overall process. If you want to discuss the project, we are here for you – the best team for wallpaper removal and installation in Newmarket.